Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Festival

On Saturday, September 23rd Sacramento hosted their 5th annual Farm-to-Fork Festival. I was ecstatic when I learned that I would be returning to the stage at the festival. At the first festival, I demonstrated how to carve fruits and vegetables into centerpieces at age of 11. It was one of the first experiences I had cooking and talking on stage to a large number of people. 

This year I worked with Danny and Paul from Taylor's Market in Sacramento. They hosted a hog butchering competition. The competitors comprised of two local Sacramento chefs. They were given 45 minutes to break down a half hog into different cuts which then could be used in a restaurant. I was honored to be the master of ceremonies on stage with Danny. 

In addition to the competition, a demonstration was done by Danny and other butchers as they broke down a quarter of a beef animal. I interviewed the family behind Richard's Grassfed Beef and learned about their Northern California cattle operation.

The festival was jam-packed full of people and the weather was perfect. I would highly recommend attending it next year. Another great thing, entry is FREE!